Top 30+ Question and Answer Sites List 2021

Question and Answer Submission: Here is the list of top Question & Answer Submission sites that are designed to connect each and every individual or large audience for helping them to get answers to questions and also can put some Questions.

Purpose of Question and Answer Submission Sites:

The purpose of the question and answer task is to make aware the viewers of your products and services and get their opinions on them. In this way, your old customers can share their experiences with you and new customers will be going to connect with you.

Question and Answer Submission is also helpful to create

If you are searching the list of Question and Answer sites list to earn the quality link then you are on the right portal. We have made a list of Question and Answer sites that really work for you.

How Question and Answer Helpful to Drive Potential Traffic:

These sites are also helpful in driving traffic to the website. The best part is that question and answer submission sites list 2021 is constantly grouped with a high volume of regular activity. In the event that each user finds your response very accommodating and significant, they will most likely experience the connection to the website. Similarly, you can share and like or vote your answer.

Steps that you should Follow Before Question and Answer Submission

  • First of all, search the high-quality question and answer sites on the search engine.
  • Choose each site one by one to perform the task.
  • Make your own account on the site by giving details like username, password, email id, etc.
  • Now go to your account and click on the Question and Answer button.
  • A form will appear on the screen which contains empty blocks like category, keyword, question, etc.
  • Fill all the blocks of the form correctly and click on the Submit button.

In this way, your question can be posted on the site and when you want to give an answer to any question so directly go through your account and click on the question, you can find an answer box, just fill it with your answer and click on submit. So, your answer will be posted. This is the process of using these sites, but before using these sites, you have to prepare yourself to ask a question.

Question and Answer Sites List

So, by using these websites, you are making a huge change in quality during the movement to your site or blog. For your convenience, I have sifted through and selected some of the best high PR and high DA question and answer sites list that is famous in 2021.

S.No. Question and Answer Sites List DA PA
1 98 93
2 97 86
3 92 66
4 92 72
5 92 69
6 92 75
7 92 67
8 91 69
9 91 68
10 79 60
11 79 60
12 77 53
13 76 54
14 74 52
15 70 54
16 70 50
17 69 51
18 68 51
19 68 47
20 66 53
21 63 47
22 58 46
23 50 42
24 49 39
25 49 43
26 48 39
27 46 41
28 45 40
29 45 38
30 43 41
31 41 38
32 29 25
33 26 26
34 17 21

Question and Answer Websites for SEO

Find here a list of best question and answer websites to ask or post your question and get answers. There are a few High DA and PR question and answer submission websites list like Quora, Answers, Reddit, Linked In, and many others websites.

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